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Can A Drunk Driving Conviction Be Expunged?

This is a frequently asked question and many searching online as to "whether a drunk driving conviction can be expunged in MI" may land on websites suggesting that it can be done. Don't get confused or swindled by those websites because they are likely referring to other jurisdictions outside of Michigan who may allow DUI conviction to be erased from their criminal or driving record.You may end up paying for a service only to tell you that it can not be done in Michigan. 

Unfortunately, Michigan's expungement statute (law),  does not allow an OWI conviction to be erased. A drunk driving conviction in Michigan can never be expunged. Once convicted of drunk driving in MI,  the DUI conviction will remain on your record as a Misdemeanor crime for the rest of your life. So be careful on how you approach a DUI/OWI charge but also which DUI lawyer you choose to defend your OWI/DUI charge. 

Some drivers arrested for a DUI/OWI in Michigan don't think about the hidden consequences of pleading guilty until late after they've pled guilty and then find themselves facing a harsh sentence, drastic financial burden, loss of job opportunities, embarrassment amongst family, friends and colleagues, loss of their professional license as well as job opportunities.

Many charged with drunk driving in Michigan simply just go to Court (with or without a lawyer) and simply "just plead guilty". Why? because they think that it is their only option. That's not true and a DUI/OWI can be defended. A good Drunk Driving Lawyer, in almost every DUI case, should immediately start by gathering and properly evaluating all of evidence/materials from the police, such as video tapes of the patrol car camera as well as the police station cameras of your booking and alcohol/drug testing. Doing so, can lead to win your OWI Charge or negotiate for a lower charge. At the same time, the material, if timely requested before it's destroyed, can give a good DUI Attorney the tools necessary to prepare a strong defense and strategies in the Courtroom. 

If you or a loved have been charged for a DUI/OWI in MI, contact us for a FREE case evaluation and consultation.

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