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MI Misdemeanor Facts You Should Know:

Unlike civil infraction tickets, Misdemeanor Tickets in MI can subject you to jail, hefty fines, court costs and additional fees through the Secretary of State called "Driver Responsibility Fees."

Some misdemeanor tickets can even suspend your Driver's License for a finite duration without allowing you a right to petition for a hardship appeal in the Circuit Court. If you find yourself charged with a Misdemeanor, contact a Misdemeanor Attorney at our firm for help.  

Most misdemeanor convictions will remain on your record for the rest of your life. This is why you need a good Misdemeanor Attorney to assist you to keep your record from being blemished.

Time is not on your side as evidence can be destroyed if not timely requested or preserved by you or your lawyer after your arrest. There are several situations where you can challenge the misdemeanor violation and convince the Prosecutor to dismiss or reduce the charge to a non-misdemeanor offense, afterall, misdemeanor convictions stay on your record for life in Michigan. 

COURT PROCEDURES- What happens in Court after I am ticketed for a traffic misdemeanor?

There are usually 3 Court proceedings in Misdemeanor Ticket Cases:

  • (1) Arraignment
  • (2) Pre-Trial; and
  • (3) Trial. 


At the Arraignment, the magistrate or Judge must read you the misdemanor ticket (charge) brought against you and the penalties that may ensue if you're found guilty of the misdemeanor ticket; You are also asked to enter plea for the misdemeanor charge(s). In most cases, your plea should be "NOT GUILTY" or "STAND MUTE" to the misdemanor ticket (charge). Additionally, bond is set and a Pre-Trial Hearing date gets scheduled (usually in a couple of weeks depending on which MI District Court) .  

An Arraignment is not 'really' a critical part of this process and usually can be avoided by the approval from the Court. 99% of the time, COURTS GRANT OUR ATTORNEY REQUEST to waive the arraignment by filing certain court document. This saves our clients time and expense by not having to go to Court for their arraignment.


At the Pretrial, you and your Attorney must go to Court in most cases. The Prosecutor or City Attorney and your lawyer discuss the facts of your case and the applicable laws. They also negotiate a possible plea or resolution to your matter. If a plea is not satisfactory to you or your lawyer, then the case proceeds to trial or is scheduled for pre-trial motion(s) or hearing(s). 


You will have a choice of either a jury trial or bench trial prior to the trial date. A bench trial is ultimately decided by a Judge whereas a Jury Trial is decided by 6 jurors. Obviously, if you're found not guilty at trial, the case is dismissed. If you're found guilty, you will be sentenced either on the same day or at a later date. 

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