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Facts You Should Know:
  • Driver Responsibility Fees are paid only at the Department of Treasury (MDOT), not at the Secretary of State (SOS) branches or the Court. 
  • If you fail to pay your driver responsibility fees, your driver's license can be suspended and may subject you to additional collection efforts, such as levying your wages or bank accounts.
  • In addition to the driver responsibility fees, you may also be required to pay a "reinstatement fee" of $125.00 to the Secretary of State.
  • If you are unable to pay the entire driver responsibility fees, you can apply to have it paid in installment payments for up to 24 monthly installments. The $125 SOS reinstatement fee may also be included in the payment plan if approved. Click here for instructions and the SOS forms
How Driver Responsibility Fees Work
The program is designed to put drivers into 2 Categories:

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  1. In Category 1, you can expect to pay money if you accumulate 7 or more points on your driving record within a 2 year period from your last conviction;  or
  2. In Category 2, you are convicted of certain offenses such as DUI/OWI, OWVI, Reckless Driving and other violations.

Category 1 - "Total Points"
Category 1, includes violations such as speeding, prohibited turn, disobey traffic control device, failure to yield, and other traffic violations, which carry points. The fee is based on the total number of points on your driving record, starting at minimum of Seven (7) points.
The fees begin at $100 and increase by $50 for each Point above 7 points. See chart below:
In this category, you will be assessed only once per year and you will not be assessed in any year in which the number of points on your driving record drops below 7 points. Remember that points do not fall off 2 years from the date you received your ticket, rather it is the date of your "conviction". A "conviction" is on the date when the Court enters a judgment.
Category 2- "Certain Traffic Misdemeanor Violations"
Category 2 is assessed for certain offenses, such as drunk driving, reckless driving, certain drug charges and other offenses. These offenses carry their own driver responsibility fee independent from the number of points on the driving record. Drivers convicted of such offenses will be assessed a driver responsibility fee for two (2) years in a row. 
  •  Drunk Driving (OWI) = $1,000 per year
  •  OWVI (Impaired) = $500 per year

Points  from Category 2 offenses and convictions are not counted toward the point total for Category 1.
Multiple driver responsibility fees are assessed if a driver is convicted of multiple qualifying offenses under Category 2.
Driver Responsibility Fees are assessed for 2 years in a row for Category 2 convictions. The second year's fees will be assessed on the date of the first year's fees.
Just remember that if you don't pay your driver responsibility fees on time, your driver's license can be suspended. The Michigan Department of State has payment plans available if you qualify. Once you make full payment of your driver responsibility fees or you are approved for a payment plan, then you must go to the Secretary of State to reinstate your license. In most cases, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $125.00. 
Note: Driver Responsibility Fees are paid at the Michigan Department of Treasury and Reinstatement Fees are paid at the Secretary of State branch offices.
If your license is suspended due to unpaid driver responsibility fees, start by calling the Michigan Department of Treasury and either pay it in full or apply for installment payments.  
If you are unsure why your license is suspended, start by getting a copy of your current driving record. The fasted  method is by going directly to your local SOS branch office.


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