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It's More Than Just A Fine
It's not so much the fines that accompany the ticket, rather it is the Points assigned on your driving record that can cause you problems. Unfortunately, about 90% of drivers pay their traffic ticket without a fight. A traffic ticket can effect not only your wallet, but can also have a daunting effect on your driving privileges, can increase your auto insurance rates, Driver Responsibility Fees, effect your life insurance applications, interfere with your job and other faucets of your livelihood.
Civil Infractions
Most traffic tickets are called "civil infractions" which are assigned Secretary of Sate POINTS. An example of a civil infraction is speeding, running a stop sign, disobey traffic control device (red light), failing to yield, careless driving, etc. These POINTS stay on your record for 2 years, however, the violation itself stays on your driving record for 7 or more years. Traffic Misdemeanors, however stay on your record for life. Once you are found responsible, the Court sends your violation to the Secretary of State (SOS) where it is then assigned POINTS.
Even worse, certain traffic violations are classified as "Misdemeanors" which not only can carry several POINTS but can also subject you to jail time and suspension, revocation or restriction of your driving privileges. Some misdemeanor traffic offenses can subject you to driver responsibility fees. 
Most Traffic Violations Go On Your Record:
  • when you simply pay the fine without fighting it in Court;
  • when you're in default (meaning that you failed to timely respond to the ticket); or
  • when you are found responsible by a Magistrate/Judge after a Court hearing.
Points Can Hurt You In The Long Run:
The Michigan Secretary of State's (SOS) point system uses a 2-year 'look-back' rule for purposes of evaluating and imposing driver responsibility fees and suspending or revoking your driving privileges. 
However, most Insurance Companies use a more harsh and stringent private point- rating system than the SOS. Most Insurance Companies use a 3 year 'look-back' date and their assignment of POINTS for certain violations are higher than those assessed by the SOS. By way of example, if your civil infraction ticket is assigned 2 points by the SOS, your Insurance Company may score it 3 or more points using their own rating system.
It makes you wonder why Insurance Companies spend so much money on accessing their existing customers' driving records. Why? Because they can profit.
Ultimately, Points on your driving record gives the Insurance Companies greater leverage and opportunity to increase your car insurance rates. You are also subjecting yourself to additional fees (Driver Responsibility Fees) from the Michigan Department of Treasury. But worst of all, the Secretary of State can suspend or revoke your Drivers Licenseif you accumulate too many Points. That's why we strongly and passionately advocate fighting your ticket. 
You Have Options
We will handle your traffic violation from the beginning to the end of your case in the District Court. You do not need to make an Office Appointment and often, you do not have to go to Court with your attorney on most civil infraction matters as we will do that for you. 1`
We are familiar with the District Courts in Michigan and their assigned prosecutors and City Attorneys. 95% of the time, your Court appearance will not be necessary.  We also file all of the necessary legal documents on your behalf so you won't have to.
CAUTION:You must respond to your ticket within the time allowed at the bottom of your ticket (Usually 10 to 21 days for civil infractions)

  • NO OFFICE VISIT - Phone or Office Visit (your choice)
  • NO COURT APPEARANCE - in most all cases


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