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If you were just released from jail for a drunk driving offense, you should immediately prepare a TIMELINE from the moment you were stopped by the police to the time you were released from jail. Then call a DUI Attorney to have your case evaluated. The timeline will help your DUI Attorney assess your DUI arrest. Remember you have not been convicted but only charged. The smart thing you can do for yourself is to get smart and talk to a DUI Attorney to prepare a defense strategy and help you reduce your OWI charge or get it dismissed altogether.  
We are a law firm concentrating on DUI Defense throughout Metro Detroit in all state courts in Michigan. We provide competent and thorough DUI defense to the notorious DUI/OWI and other related traffic misdemeanor and felony charges in Michigan. We provide 24/7 phone consultation. When you call us, the consultation will be with a DUI Attorney only and not a paralegal or non-attorney. We take DUI matters seriously as you should too. 

Do not waste another minute and find yourself the best DUI Attorney in Michigan that you can afford. 

We've dedicated this website to provide important information to those arrested for a MI DUI/OWI or other traffic violations in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and surrounding counties in Michigan. Throughout this website, you will gain knowledge of the many ways to reduce penalties, preserve your driver's license and save your freedom.
It is estimated that every 2 minutes, a Michigan Driver is issued or charged with a traffic violation such as an DUI/ OWI,  DWLS,  DWLR,  Reckless Driving,  No Operator's License,  Insurance/Plate Violation  and many other civil infractions. In Michigan, Drunk Driving, traffic misdemeanors as well as civil infraction tickets are out of control and have become more rampant than ever, especially in Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw, Monroe and Wayne county.

Unlike civil infraction tickets, drunk driving offenses and other related traffic misdemeanor violations (tickets) in Michigan carry jail time and a permanent record which can never be expunged. Most "civil infractions" basically carry a fine and POINTS which are then sent to the Michigan Secretary of State ("SOS"). The most common civil infractions are speeding, running a stop sign, disobey traffic control device (red light), failure to yield, careless driving (do not confuse "careless driving" with "Reckless Driving"), improper lane use, violation of basic speed law, following too close, limited access speed, and several other private or Commercial Driver's License ("CDL") violations.

Several civil infractions carry Points between 2-4 points which remain on your SOS ("Secretary of State") driving record for 2 years, however the record of conviction stays on your record at least 7 years. (click here for detailed a list of Michigan violations and their corresponding SOS Points.)
However, most Michigan Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses are punishable by up to 90-365 days in jail; The most common criminal misdemeanor offense is drunk driving or drug driving (OWI/DUI/OUID). Additionally, there are several other traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors that should not be taken lightly, such as DWLS, Reckless Driving, Drag RacingNo Operator's License On Person and many more. A misdemeanor offense can carry POINTS on your driving record as well as subjecting you to loss of your driving privileges, imposition of driver responsibility fees to be paid to through the Michigan Department of Treasury, and serve jail time. Please note that Traffic Violations can not be expunged.
You should never just plead guilty to a Misdemeanor violation without first consulting with an Experienced Michigan Traffic / DUI Attorney to guide you in the right direction. Most Traffic Misdemeanors as well as civil infraction violation tickets can be contested and reduced to a lower charge or a downright dismissal. 


Q: I was just released from jail after being arrested for drunk driving, what happens now?
A: An OWI/DUI charge should be taken very seriously. It's not just your typical traffic ticket with just a small fine and points. The the consequences of being convicted for drunk driving, even on a first DUI offense in Michigan can be severe and can include jail. A conviction can lead to loss of employment, driving privileges, hefty fines, driver responsibility fees of up to $2,000, driver's license restrictions and/or installation of interlock control device on your vehicle. It is essential that you hire a Michigan DUI Attorney sooner than later. Similarly, it is important that you retain a good DUI Attorney who knows the Michigan drunk driving laws inside and out; one who can find issues and make challenges to weaken the Prosecutor's case against you and one has the ability and resources to lower the charge or even achieve a dismissal of your OWI charge. Never just plea guilty without the advice of the best drunk driving attorney you can afford. 
A lawyer in the family or a friend or even a referral from a friend who knows of an attorney may be unfamiliar with the complexities of the drunk driving laws in Michigan or only understands the basics of DUI laws, can negatively effect your case and cost you in the end. You need a good MI DUI Attorney who knows the drunk driving laws in Michigan and can defend you accordingly. A good DUI attorney knows what to look for and how to find issues to challenge your arrest while at the same time vigorously defending and fighting for your rights. 
As noted earlier and reinforced here, the first thing you should do after released from jail is to get smart. The second, write out a timeline of everything that occurred from the moment you were stopped by the police to the time you were released from jail. Third, gather the evidence by making direct requests to the police department and the prosecutor's office through the freedom of information act (this form can be found on several of the police department websites); and finally, discuss your DUI arrest with an experienced Michigan DUI Attorney Note: Even though it is your right, you should not represent yourself even if you’re familiar with the basics of the court procedures, rules and DUI laws in MI. A good DUI Attorney can build an aggressive DUI defense much better than you can. Don't risk your freedom and license by representing yourself or hiring an attorney who doesn't care or has little knowledge or experience with the courts, prosecutors and the MI statutes and constitution.  
Q:  Can you get a OWI/DUI charge reduced or dismissed in Michigan?
A: Yes. Most of the time, an OWI can be reduced to a lesser charge in most courts. However, a good strategy is to evaluate the facts of your OWI charge before you start to negotiate with the prosecution. It may be a situation where you may be able to challenge your arrest or the breath/blood results. In other words, the prosecution must prove each and every element of the crime of operating while intoxicated (OWI) beyond a reasonable doubt. This is why gathering the evidence ahead of time by your DUI attorney is a good DUI Defense Strategy.
Q:  What is Heidi's Law in MI relative to a felony DUI in MI?
A:  Michigan passed Heidi’s Law several years ago which added harsher penalties to the drunk driving laws across Michigan. Now, you can be charged with a felony OWI if you have 2 prior drunk driving convictions within your lifetime. 2 DUI convictions can lead to a felony charge and subject to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts of Michigan. Further, there is a mandatory jail time and possible sentence to prison for up to 5 years, especially if you had more than 3 or more alcohol or other convictions on your criminal record. With a Felony DUI conviction, the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines apply to determine the appropriate minimum sentence, if convicted of a Felony DUI. It is possible that if convicted of a Felony DUI, prison can be imposed. Thus, hiring a good Felony DUI Attorney immediately after a DUI arrest is critical. Dealing with a Felony DUI is a whole different ball game than the misdemeanor OWI charge in the District Court. In a Felony DUI, the procedures are also different in that you are entitled to a preliminary examination to determine whether there is sufficient probable cause that a crime was committed (an OWI Felony) and whether there is probable cause that you committed that crime. If the Prosecution can not prove one of these, then the case can be dismissed by the Judge. If the Prosecutor can make its proofs, then the District Court forwards the case to Circuit Court in the county in which the crime was committed (ex. Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Livingston, Washtenaw, etc.)
Q:  The breath tests says I was over the legal limit (.08), should I just plead guilty?
A: As DUI Defense Attorneys, we are often asked this question. The answer is No. The datamaster machine used to measure the alcohol in your blood is not exact and can be challenged and overcome if your DUI Attorney finds errors by the police or faults with the datamaster machine itself. Breath Tests can be  conducted in error or illegally obtained and there are defenses that can be raised in order to challenge the breath test and keep the results from being admitted into evidence. The first question to ask is whether the police officer observed you for a period of 15 minutes prior to your taking the breath test? Second, Was the datamaster machine properly calibrated? Third, did the police officer use proper methods of taking your breath sample? To answer these questions, you will want the  maintenance records (logs) of the datamaster machine used to measure your blood alcohol content. There are several administrative rules to ensure the accuracy of the machines. For example, there is a rule that requires the machine to be thoroughly maintained every 120 days and properly tested several times in between by certain qualified datamaster class operators. There are also certain officers with certain class certifications who cannot perform such tests. In other words, your DUI Attorney should determine whether the officer who administered the breath test was allowed to give such a test or certified at the time of your DUI arrest. But more importantly, did the police officer posses proper training and most importantly did they follow administrative and legal procedures.  
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